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Our commitment is to provide hassle free, quality education with personal guidance from India to Australia.


1.  Why Allied Health Courses.

The allied health assistance program will train you to assist patients with their rehabilitation exercises including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, podiatry and exercise physiology.


2.  When is the intake.                                                                         

Flexible intake to be confirmed upon eligibility.


3.  How can I improve my English.

Enroll into English language course that are taught by local Australians to help you adapt to accents and cultural differences


4.  Can I complete the visa application myself.

Yes, you can but we recommend you consult with our approved Australian migration Lawyer.


5.  How long does it take to gain approval from Australian Embassy.            

Four to six weeks, depending on individual case.


6.  Where will I stay when in Australia.

We can help you for your accommodation or you can make your own arrangements


7. What support will I have in Australia if I have questions.

Regular help from our support services team which will be available. We aim to provide you support through every step of the process including on arrival and stay in Australia.


8.  How long will my IELTS score be valid.                                                                                                                                          

 An IELTS Test result is valid for two years.


9.  What are the pass marks for IELTS.

There are no pass marks in IELTS. Your performance in each section will be rated on a band scale of 1 to 9.


10. What is the cost of living in Australia.

You will be required to show evidence of available funds to support your stay.

For an annual stay in Australia the official amount is – Student / guardian, AUD 19,830, * partner / spouse AUD 6,940, * child-AUD 2970


11.  Will I be allowed to work while I am on my student visa.

Yes, you can work for up to 40 hours fortnightly.